About Us

LANtasy Gaming Society

A local Victoria-based nonprofit organization, LANtasy Gaming Society (previously BC Gamer) is a collection of groups that come together to throw gaming events. We have been active within the community running events for over a decade. It is our core mission to throw inclusive, all-ages gaming events.

Meet the Team

Jeff Pedlow

Managing Director

Jeff’s a lifelong gamer & has been working gaming events since the early 2000s. When not running LANtasy events, he’s spending time with his family and friends

Bonnie Beyea

Analog Gaming

Bonnie started with the original red box D&D and an atari 2600. As the Director of Analogue Gaming Bonnie wants to share her enthusiasm of everything tabletop gaming.

Chris Dobbyn


Chris has been a gamer his entire life. As the Infrastructure Director he's trying to encourage a new generation of gamers to embrace and celebrate their hobby.

Justin Martyn

Media and Communications

After spending a decade in broadcast, Justin is thrilled to be LANtasy's media and communications director. In his free time, he plays PC games, D&D and board games.

Rowan Townshend

Servers and Digital Gaming

Rowan has been LANning from before the mouse existed, and has been a pro penguin since 2002. When not living on the CLI, he is busy as a mad scientist of various fields.