Guild Ball


Guild Ball is a skirmish sized miniature game simulating a game of soccer between two teams in a fantasy world. Unlike our world's soccer, hitting each other is very much allowed but eliminating opponents does not get you as many points for your side as scoring goals. 

Registration is from 9:00-9:45 with the fist game at 10:00am


Amount of Rounds: 5 rounds (4 if 16 players or less)

Game Length: 110 min total, 20 min. admin/break time between rounds (say a fudge factor of 10-15min). Chess clock is set to 45 min. per player. Games go to 12 Victory Points.

Max Amount of Players: 32

Team Roster Selection: ‘Championship Events’
The Championship event roster size is 9 models, including
Captains and Mascots.
1. Select a Guild to use.
2. Select 1-2 eligible Captain models.
3. Select 1-2 eligible Mascot models.
4. Select a number of eligible models from your Guild
and/or eligible Union models up to a roster size of 9,
including Captains and Mascots.

Match Roster Selection: Move and Counter Move

At step C of the pre-match sequence, follow the steps below:
After swapping rosters and selecting Guild Plots both
Players roll a die, re-rolling any tied results. The winner
chooses to be either the ‘Kicking Player’ or the ‘Receiving
Player’. Once the winner has chosen, proceed with the
following steps:
• The Receiving Player selects a model from their roster to
be in the match and places the model’s card on the table.
• The Kicking Player selects a model from their roster to
be in the match and places the model’s card on the table.

These steps are repeated until both Players have 6 models
selected for the match. One Captain and one Mascot are mandatory choices.

Main Event

You dont have any badges eligable to register for this event.
Double check your badge for required tickets and options and ensure you don't have any conflicting event registrations.

Day Passes: Saturday Pass (LANtasy 2017)
Day Passes: Sunday Pass (LANtasy 2017)
Add-Ons: Tabletop Pass (LANtasy 2017)

03/18/20179 a.m.9:45 a.m.REGISTRATION
03/18/201710 a.m.9 p.m.