Infinity is a tabletop wargame in which sci-fi themed miniatures are used to simulate futuristic skirmishes. Infinity recreates Direct Action operations, high-stakes missions in the battlefront or behind enemy lines, where victory or death are a trigger pull away.

Registration is 9:00-9:45am on Saturday with the first game at 10:00am 


This will be a 5 round tournament using the ITS format and mission. Please bring two ITS lists of 300 points and 6 SWC of the same faction or Sectorial. The missions will be, in order
Seize the Antennas 
Cold Sleep
Depending on how long setup and registration takes we might end day one on either frontline or supremacy. sign in is at 9 and we want to start playing at 10, but we have some wiggle room. To participate, you will need to mark that you attending this event and be holding a valid LANtasy 2017 Miniature pass. We have 14-20 seats and are looking forward to running an amazing tournament