BYOC LAN Specific

Do I have to bring a PC?

Yes, this is a bring your own computer (BYOC) LAN event.

What is a LAN party?

A LAN party is an event where people bring their own computers and play competitive or casual multiplayer games while connected to a LAN (local area network). The event typically lasts the duration of a weekend and involves many different games and tournaments.

What should I bring?

Your computer (and all applicable cabling)

A single monitor (and all applicable cabling)

Input peripherals (Mouse, trackpad/ball, keyboard)

Mouse pad

30 foot network cable

Power cables

Power bar / Surge protector (8 foot cable recommended. Do not bring a UPS)

Headset (Sound dampening recommended. Speakers are not permitted)

How should I prepare my PC?

Physically clean your PC - Ensure it is clean and tidy and not a gigantic dustbunny

Use security features - Install and run Antivirus and enable your OS firewall. Remember you are sharing a network with hundreds of other people. LANtasy does not assume any responsibility for your system's security.

Install all drivers - The event does not provide a wireless connection, ensure your wired connection works.

Update your games - Updates can cause unnecessary network load which affects all other attendees. Please be sure to load up your game client the night before the LAN to make sure you've got all the latest patches.

Extra hard drive space - Who knows, you might see a new game you'd like to try out. 

Are there any specific rules?

Towers on the floor - We have seen a tower fall from table height and it is not a pretty picture. You want to avoid that disaster by setting up with your tower on the floor.

Do not stand on tables - They cannot hold a lot of weight.

What should I do to get ready?